Dr. Dennis Eifert (Partner)

Attorney at law and notary public

Dr. Dennis Eifert studied law in Frankfurt am Main and at Keele University (England). He has been licensed as an attorney since 2007 and as a notary public since 2013. Before joining Schröder & Busse, he completed his internship with a large international law firm in Frankfurt am Main and a law firm in New York.

Dr. Dennis Eifert focuses his legal advice on contract law and company law (in particular in the area of corporate acquisitions/M&A) and on real-estate matters. He successfully completed the specialisation course for intellectual property rights and also consults marketing agencies in all areas of advertising and media law, as well as in matters of data protection.


  • Member of the Deutsch-Britische Juristenvereinigung e.V. [German-British lawyers’ association]
  • Member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geistiges Eigentum & Medien[work group for intellectual property & media] of the Deutsche Anwaltsverein [German lawyers’ association]
  • Co-Author of the commentary Gesamtes Gemeinnützigkeitsrecht [overall non-profit law] Stefan Winheller, Prof. Dr. Stefan Geibel, RiBFH Prof. Dr. Monika Jachmann-Michel (editor), Nomos-Verlag, 1st edition 2017 (schedule gGmbH to sec 51 AO [cost laws])
  • Author of the book “Die Zukunft der Geschlossenen Gesellschaft in Europa” [The future of the closed society in Europe] Jurawelt vol. 126, Tenea Verlag, Berlin 2007


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